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BIGTC is training and consulting company that provides genuinely integrated services through a team of specialized and skilled personnel in training and consulting.

BIGTC renders a range of services in the fields of audit, assurance, accounting, taxation, investment and incorporation of new companies.



We get to know our customers and understand what is important to them.



Our goal is to help them achieve their services by professional solutions.



Currently working in Egypt, with plans to expand in the KSA very soon.

“A company is only as good as its people”

Kathryn Minshew, founder, and CEO of The Muse

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Financial Advisory

Keeping records of the clients' financial affairs

HR Consulting

clear and effective management processes

Marketing Consulting

Choosing the right marketing channels

IT Solutions

Systems Integrations & Software Development

Corporate Branding

Strategic Branding & Corporate Identity

Training & Courses

Professional & Specialized Training Courses
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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