Financial Advisory

Audit, Assurance, Accounting, Taxation, Investment & Incorporation

Unleash your business' full potential

BIGTC renders a range of services in the fields of audit, assurance, accounting, taxation, investment and incorporation of new companies.

Moreover, we provide insight financial analysis to support management to make the right decision. So, we target to maximize the financial performances which increase the business value.

1. Bookkeeping services

Keeping records of the financial affairs for clients preferring to outsource their bookkeeping

2. Audit and assurance

Providing high quality service using a systematic review and assessment of information or documents to reduce the chance of problems occurring from incorrect information, to ensure that a company or organization is following guidelines rules and policy, to provide both internal and external confidence for financial statements. We perform our audit in accordance with the Egyptian auditing standards.

3. Taxation services

Providing integrated services relating to ascertaining a client’s or employer’s tax liabilities or entitlements or satisfying their obligations under a taxation law

In Addition to ...

4. Companies’ incorporation

5. Companies’ incorporation

6. Companies’ incorporation

7. Companies’ incorporation

8. Companies’ incorporation

9. Companies’ incorporation